China’s First overseas Auto Brand Plant – Tula Plant in Russia speeds up Haval’s Globalization 2018

The 2018 Moscow International Auto Show opened with a Bang, and the Haval brand had become the focus of Russian car fanatic’s attention, since its appearance on the stage for their third consecutive year. The participation of Haval in the auto show not only displayed its powerful product line-up, but also delivered its steadfast determination of long-term development in the Russian market. It’s worth mentioning that the first global model of the Chinese auto brand – Haval F7 was launched at this auto show, and would be placed into production at the Haval Tula plant. As the first overseas complete vehicle plant invested and established by an independent Chinese auto brand, the Haval Tula plant also had attracted close attention from domestic media participating in the auto show.

Solely invested overseas by GWM, the Haval Tula Plant is located at Uzlovaya Industrial Park in Tula State, Russia, and it is the first overseas complete vehicle plant established by a Chinese auto brand. At present, the main structure of Tula Plant has been completed, and Haval’s engineers and Russian workers are working for completing in a speedy manner.

The Tula Plant is expected to be put into production in the first half of 2019 producing key models such as Haval F7 and H9, with an estimated annual production capacity of 150,000 complete vehicles.

Local government officials said that the Haval Tula Plant will provide more than 4,000 jobs, and bring huge tax and investment opportunities to stimulate the economic and social development of Tula State.

Russia is one of the largest overseas markets of GWM, and also a strategic market for

Haval to carry out further development for the long term production. In 2015, the first self-supporting 4S store of Haval brand opened, and dedicated to bringing high-quality professional SUVs for Russian customers. By the end of 2018, the Haval brand will expand up to 35 dealers in Russia, and increase to about 70 dealers in 2019.

Thanks to its professional quality and premium services, Haval SUV has been widely recognized by local car owners since entering the Russian market. The sales volume is also rising steadily all the time. It is said that the sales volume in the first half year of 2018 increased by 31{df4235fa608f5deb6659a03529664a7a2bc4826a0c039434867f306ce1887e81} year-on-year, and is expected to exceed 20,000 units in 2020.

The completion of Tula plant will surely help Haval to speed up achievement of its established goal, and create quality products in line with overseas consumers’ appeal for car purchases. Tula plant will serve as a strategic base area after being put into production, and provide strong support for Haval to continue to expand its business in Russia and access to the European market. More importantly, to some extent Tula plant will also help Haval realize its strategic plan for export to Europe as soon as possible.