The biggest HAVAL dealership in the Southern Hemisphere

When it comes to the sport utility vehicle market, one brand has been carving out a solid reputation for market-leading reliability and affordability: Haval.

Sleek, modern, fast-paced and efficient are the standard when it comes to Haval’s fleet, so it is only appropriate that the showroom environment matches their core values.

Established by Roy Obery in March 2013, the Edenvale branch of Haval has crafted a culture of outstanding customer service by supplying clients with an excellent, well-crafted and dependable product line up.

Through passion, hard work, dedication, and a loyal customer base, Haval have been awarded numerous accolades, such as the CCTV Best Independent SUV Brand of 2006, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Accommodating and trustworthy are the best words to describe the dedicated team of expert staff, who will always gladly go the extra mile to please the people that walk through the door.

Whether you’re a busy working mom, an active dad or stressed-out student, everyone deserves comfort and quality at affordable prices.

Which is why Haval Edenvale have stocked their new dealership, now conveniently located at 104 Van Riebeeck Avenue, with a variety of high-quality and reliable vehicles, ranging from durable trucks, family fitting SUVs and top-quality pre-owned vehicles.

You can find all of these extraordinary assets at the biggest Haval dealership in the Southern Hemisphere, elegantly displayed on smooth tiles, under bright light fixtures that provide the best view of your future investment.

Take your time admiring the fleet of vehicles that have been made to suit your lifestyle needs or sit and relax in the inviting waiting lounge, snacking on tasty pastries and sipping on a delicious cup of tea or coffee while your family or friends shop for the car of their dreams.

Haval, the No.1 SUV brand of China.